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Retired Violist, Fine Arts Quartet
Professor Emeritus of Music

After a lifelong career, culminating with twenty years as the violist of the Fine Arts Quartet, Jerry Horner now devotes himself to helping young chamber groups throughout the world.
  • “Thank you Jerry for the countless times we performed together and discussed music over a bottle of unbelievable wine. Your wisdom and generosity has helped guide my professional life and I am proud to call you my friend.”

    James Campbell, Clarinetist; Professor of Music, Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, Bloomington, IN; Artistic Director, Festival of the Sound, Parry Sound, Ontario

  • “The attention to detail in quartet playing is one of Jerry Horner’s special traits. As our mentor, he was fundamental to the Villiers Quartet's development and helped us form our ethos of chamber music and technique. He taught me to be a 'fascinated observer of the process' in music-making, and I am grateful for the continued guidance and support he has given us.”

    Carmen Flores, Violist, Villiers Quartet, Quartet in Residence, University of Oxford.

  • “Jerry Horner has been the most important person in the history of our quartet. He changed our group from something with possibilities to something real, solid, with real perspective.

    He is in our thoughts all the time and it’s impossible for us to thank him enough. We try all the time to pass on his teachings to others. We think that’s the best way to thank him and help to preserve what he and we believe so much: love for music and for the string quartet.

    We send him the biggest and most affective hug that we are capable off.

    He is always present in every one of our rehearsals, concerts and teaching.

    Thank you so much.”

    Orlando Espinosa, Cellist, Jose White String Quartet

  • “I had the pleasure to work extensively with Jerry when he coached our Dali Quartet several times in the year of 2014-2015.

    After all coachings, I felt inspired and motivated to continue to learn as a professional. He challenged us in the most comforting ways, believing in our artistry and capacity as performers.

    I remember every advice that he gave us, not only for the group but for me as a violist and pedagogue.

    Jerry had a great impact in my playing and my professional development. I am thankful for all he contributed to me and our quartet.”

    Adriana Linares, Violist, Dali Quartet, Philadelphia, PA; Festival Director, ArCoNet ( President and Founder, West Chester University Viola Faculty (

  • “From the first day that I met Mr Horner, I felt that he is a person who wants to give and wants to share the knowledge that he has gathered throughout the decades of his career.
    His advice is not only professionally related, but he also tries to give life lessons about how to live your life so that you really can fulfill the music that you play with true content, true emotions, true values, and true life experiences. He also tries to teach about how to approach difficulties and challenges in life and music in a way that it benefits us also professionally.
    Mr. Horner is the kind of mentor who not only tells you what and how to do something, but he also does it so himself. He not only talks about being fascinated while making music, but he is the most fascinated about it that we know.”

    Zágoni Elöd, Cellist, Tiberius Quartet, Targu Mures, Romania

  • “First of all I feel very lucky and grateful that I can say that I know Mr. Horner and you, dear Margaret. Without our nice meeting I would feel my life much poorer. I have so many nice memories and many nice experiences with you both. Thanks to Mr. Horner I met a lot of wonderful people and musicians and we had concerts in America and Canada what it wouldn't be possible without him. If somebody would tell me when I was younger that these things would happen, I wouldn't believe them.

    Mr. Horner is a very professional, very caring mentor. He is 100% dedicated to music and to helping musicians. He does this with a lot of passion and love.

    He has helped a lot of musicians and quartets and he is always interested in the life of the musicians and the quartets and how they are developing. That means he really cares.

    All musicians should take him as an example.

    I am deeply honored that I can say that I know personally Mr. Horner, who is one of the greatest musicians I have ever met. In my opinion he is the Father of the string quartets and we are all his children.”

    Lokodi Karoly, Second Violin, Tiberius Quartet, Targu Mures Romania